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CNC Heads


Cylinder Head Development

(Gas Flow & Chamber Development)

All our gas flowed cylinder heads are precisely manufactured for maximum efficiency and performance. We invest extensively in developing the very best possible head. We measure the flow precisely and test power output on our own Engine Dynometer.


CNC Cylinder Head Porting

Once we have a base port design developed, this is then scanned using the Rottler P69 5 axis CNC porting machine and then applied to each subsequent port.

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Seats & Seat Cutting

The importance of proper valve seat cutting is massive. Correctly seated valves allow the engine to develop good compression.

CNC Heads Stockport UK Ric Woods Motorsport

Valve Guides

The valve guide is the boundary layer point between the head and valve. Proper valve guide material and design will effect many aspects of the engines operation.

CNC Heads Stockport UK Ric Woods Motorsport

Valves, Valve Springs & Spring Bases

Valves, springs and bases are important to assess collectivly. Many factors come into play when deciding on which of these to suit your chosen application.

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Head Rebuilding

Page coming soon…

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering with the HandySCAN Black Elite