Seats & Seat Cutting

Why is it important to cut valve seats?

The importance of proper valve seat cutting is massive. Correctly seated valves allow the engine to develop good compression. Any compression loss at this point would not just minimise the engines capability to develop power but ultimately could mean it doesn’t run correctly or even at all. The seal created by the valve and it’s seat, allow all the air and fuel that has entered to be ignited and the controlled detonation forces to act upon the piston to provide rotational force, and not allow these expanding gasses to escape through either the exhaust ports or the intake ports, causing damage and wear, not to mention a lack of power.

We also have the ability to cut valve seats in one, three or multiple angles. Three angle valve jobs massively improve flow rates, which as explained above, any increase in flow we will see an increase in power.

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Why Do We Use This Method?

Through many years of expereince, we have struggled to find a more capable machine to cut valve seats. The NEWEN Fixed-Turning method to cut valve seats is second to none. With complete control over each point of the seat cut, we are able to apply three angle valve seat cuts, to optimise flow and ensure perfect valve seating, then fit and cut larger diameter valve seats for application that require larger valves. We have yet to come across a head that cant be tackled by this machine.