Subaru WRX STI 2000

WRX STI 2000cc (Big Valve)

Price Guide 

Cost for this head pair is £1250.00+vat on an exchange basis. If you cannot supply  a good core  cylinder head then we will charge you an additional (£500 +vat ) to provide a good condition core unit.

A ‘taping’ service is also available for this head at an additional cost of £100 which will give the final hand finish to the ports and provide a further 1% flow. This price does not include O/S valves .


  • Beryllium valve seats
  • High Performance 1mm o/s Valves
  • Titanium Springs caps and beehive valve springs
  • WRC Gasket Machining
  • “Open Deck” to “Closed Deck” block conversions
 Available on request, additional costs apply

The Subaru Impreza has a well deserved reputation for excellent performance and handling and a very affordable cost. The performance to cost ratio is extremely good and there is plenty of scope for tuning. As with most modern turbocharged cars, significant power increases can be gained by Engine Management system changes. These changes can take the form of standard “chips’ or custom made maps derived from hours on a rolling road. Larger intercoolers, free flow exhausts, up-pipes, down-pipes, dump vales, boost controllers can and do make significant differences to power output and delivery.

When we looked at the standard Sti head we were quite impressed. In standard form it ran at 170CFM inlet on our flow bench. That’s pretty impressive for a standard head. We would have a tough job improving on that. During our development phase, we were also fortunate enough to acquire a pair of heads from a works WRC Subaru as used in the world rally championship by Prodrive. Obviously the first thing we did was check the flow on our flowbench. The result was, shall we say, rather suprising. Rather than showing higher than standard flow, it actually shows less. 159 CFM. Why the team would choose to use these heads over a standard head might seem strange but it pointed us to where the real weakness was with the standard head.

The Prodrive head was a one off casting. To improve the flow ratio between inlet and exhaust, the WRC head had smaller ports. Flow ratio is important as a means to measure efficiency of a particular head design. Improving the ratio helps to improve flow derived from the supercharging effect of exhaust “draw” on the inlet where pressure pulses in the exhaust tract helps boost inlet flow. This is particulary important with a turbocharged engine where it is important to keep turbine speeds up with an efficient exhaust tract. What they managed to do in this case was boost the exhaust flow and improve the ratio by a reducing inlet flow. Understandably, to reduce turbo lag for rally applications, Prodrive focused on improved inlet/exhaust ratio, however, this head is limited in terms of absolute power potential.

The standard exhaust flow of 104 CFM is nothing to shout about (A standard Ford Cosworth exhaust is 119.6 CFM) so improvements here will help turbo efficiency and turbo boost. The inlet CFM is is very good so we had to work hard to improve that. We managed to achieve both after a great deal of development work.

Our Subaru head offers better inlet flow than the standard head and the WRC head. Inlet is up 8% and exhaust is up 31%. It also gives 14% improvement in inlet/exhaust ratio over the standard head iimproving turbo response.

The summary below shows the ratio and derived power prediction for a normally aspirated engine with our head. We do not publish turbo power predictions because boost figures are variable. We can confidently say that this head will provide huge power (500bhp +) with the right turbo set up and improve turbo response over standard.

Many (mainly American) tuning shops use 28 inches of pressure to measure flow rates. We use 10 inches (which is fine for smaller port sizes as seen on many European and Japanese engines). For comparison purposes. our head measures at 308.95 CFM (inlet) and 227.1 CFM (exhaust) at 28″ pressure. And remember this. The head you buy from us will deliver exactly as we say. Each head sold is an exact replica of the head we have developed.
Click the image above to see a PDF summary for this head.

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Custom made CamshaftsWith all of our gas flowed heads we also provide a custom made camshaft service. These camshafts are designed to optimise the flow characteristics of our heads. They can also be specifically designed to deliver the power characteristcs you require for your specific application.Your existing camshaft will work with our heads, however, if you want to get the most from one of these heads or you have a particular power characteristc you are looking for, we recommend that you consider our custom camshafts.Price £500+vat

We are happy to discuss and advise on any aspect of modifying your engine with one of our heads to achieve the results we predict above. We can also supply the best quality gaskets, camshaft, valves, valve springs and head bolts to go with your new cylinder head. We also specialise in electronic engine management, carb and fuel injection , turbo and supercharger systems. We build race engines too. Built and tested on our own 1000bhp Engine Dyno. We can also fit your head to your engine if required and test your vehicle on our rolling road.

What ever your requirements, race, track day or fast road, we have a full range of the latest and best performance products and techniques. Our competition results year on year prove we have the expertise to make your car competitive at what ever class you chose to compete.