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What are the benefits of a gas flowed head ?

Optimising cylinder head flow can deliver huge benefits when modifying an engine. Think about it. When you open the throttle, more power is produced. But you can only open the throttle to full and only so much can be produced. What is the restriction ? Well, there are several on a standard engine. But, what if you have already put on larger throttle bodies, bigger carbs, a free flow exhaust, a new engine management system or a high lift camshaft ? There is still a restriction, a limiting factor which prevents the engine from making even more power. This is where a gas flowed head comes in. You can add all the induction, exhaust and electronic control you want but if the head cannot flow more air and fuel it will be ultimately be limited in its performance. To raise this limit you need to improve the flow efficiency of the head.

Each head we modify is designed to be the best we can get out of that head. An average development time for each head is over 3 weeks. If you were to have your existing cylinder head gas-flowed by another specialist, it is unlikely that anything like that time would spent on it, not unless you have very deep pockets. We have many years of gas flow engineering expertise and we believe our heads to be amongst the very best you can buy. We are proud of our flow figures and are not shy of saying every head we sell will be the same as the original master we produced. We believe this to be a unique selling point… using expertise and latest technology to develop and produce heads of the very highest standard and sell for very reasonable prices.

What is the result ?

The process we use has achieved amazing results. We have been building race engines for over 20 years and competed at the highest level in the UK and in Europe (so our results speak for themselves.) However, our recent deployment of advanced gas flow measurement technology has amazed even us.

For example, our own Essex V6 race head is considered (by us and our customers who bought and raced with it) to be one of the very best available. But employing our new development process on this already highly improved head gave us a 25% improvement in gas flow !! We were stunned !!

Another example is the Vauxhall XE 16V 2Litre engine head as fitted to many kit cars and track cars as well as road cars. With suitable mods to the exhaust and fueling/ignition we have attained 248 BHP from this head with impressive torque ratings also.

We are working on a growing range of highly optimised cylinder heads for fast road, trackday or full race applications. We stand by the results we publish on this site as being accurate for the head you buy. Note : the results sheets are scanned from the original print outs from the Port Analyzer Software – we have no way of tampering with these figures !

You can be confident that the head you buy from us is the result of a rigorous development and manufacture process which will perform as we say it will. All our heads are developed using this process. On each head, every port and combustion chamber is the same. Every cylinder is therefore filled and exhausted at the same level of efficiency which gives even power and torque per cylinder (and less stress on the engine). This is no mean achievement. We have often seen up to 15% difference between cylinders on heads gas flowed elsewhere. Also, variations in power from one engine to another is minimised. We can predict power gains on the flow bench and have demonstrated the accuracy of those predictions on our engine dynometer. It is a totally consistent result every time, so you know what you are buying.

The cost to the customer is greatly reduced. Hand finishing a cylinder head to the same standard every time is very expensive. Using this process it is a one time development cost. Anyone who knows their stuff, when it comes to developing cylinder heads to this high standard will tell you, it takes many hours to modify a head to give the same flow figures on every port. One slip and the head can be scrap or will not perform as expected.

We develop all our heads “in house” from initial development through to manufacture. They are unique to us and you will not find better performing heads elsewhere. Not convinced ? Try asking our competitors for their flow figures which we provide on our site here and draw your own conclusions. We have compared our heads to heads which had been ‘gas flowed” by other firms. The difference in gas flow to ours was substantial. Not only in absolute flow terms but also in consitent accuracy flow across the cylinders.

Buy with confidence. We are happy to advise on any matter concerning our heads. Just call…