Cyclone 2 and Tracecut software – integrated data capture and re-manufacture

Renishaw’s Tracecut software drives the digitising process, provides data analysis and output to CAD for reverse engineering, and can generate cutting programmes for replication and re-manufacturing.

The heart of all Renishaw scanning systems is the TRACECUT software, which is supplied together with all Renishaw scanning systems – Retroscan, Renscan and Cyclone.
Tracecut performs four main functions and allows you to:
• set the data capture strategy and parameters.
• manipulate the captured data.
• specify the machining strategy, totally independently of the data capture.
• accurately simulate the generated NC cutting program on screen, thus saving valuable machine prove-out time.

1. Data capture

TRACECUT software enables you to define a wide range of strategies and parameters for data capture. With these options the optimum combination of data quality commensurate with the minimum necessary amount of data is easy to achieve. The end result – high quality scanning whatever the shape or configuration of the part.

2. Data manipulation

Data manipulation is one of the most important functions that TRACECUT software fulfils. Amongst the many options available – convert the scanned from male to female, scale independently in each axis or completely, mirror, rotate, convert to a true surface model and also generate split lines In other words all the options you need to turn the scanned part data into exact instructions for CNC machining.

3. Machining

TRACECUT software offers a complete CAM package with a variety of powerful machining strategies and will create gouge proof machining programs for any CNC machine tool. Using a wide range of postprocessors it is possible to scan on one system and cut the part on a totally different machine. TRACECUT software can also create an output which you can read into a CAD system.

4. Machining simulation

The virtual machining module offers us the ability to simulate the CNC program before you put it on the CNC machine, thus saving valuable prove-out time and avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

The Cyclone scanner and Tracecut software are idea for our needs. It provides the accuracy, ease of use and speed essential for low volume engineering such as replicating gas flowed cylinder heads. It is the technology we have been waiting for and we are now able to offer superb high quality heads to the public at a greatly reduced cost.