CNC engineered gas flowed cylinder heads

Nissan R35 GTR (Big Valve) Head Pair










The Nissan  R35 GTR . Its strikes fear into just about any Supercar on the Planet  and we know why ! The Team at CNC Heads are all avid Racers and Engineers alike and we kinda heard

that the new R35 GTR was some what of an animal . So we decided to investigate further and not only did we develop what are regarded as the best R35 GTR CNC Heads in the World we also embarked on developing a whole range of engine components  and engine services such as our unique “Thin Wall ” liner system  to meet the new demands of our customers.

Like anything we do we only work with companies we have had a working relationship with for years and many of whom supply into the top echelons on Motorsports this reinforces  the fact we only supply the very finest components regardless of cost.

The above has been pretty much reinforced with the use of theses heads by most of the Top Uk and European R35 GTR’s. The Famous R35 “Hulk” set a new terminal speed using “Of the shelf” R35 GTR CNC Heads to a 218mph Top speed run .

  • R35 GTR CNCHeads can be supplied New using factory new cores
  • We can modify your R35 GTR Cylinder heads
  • Ferrea High Performance valve train used in all CNC Heads Cylinder heads
  • We can supply  Stage 1-2-3  Camshafts  for the R35 GTR
  • CNC Heads can supply all installation hardware (Head Bolts- Head Gaskets)

In the coming days we will upload all the flow data and specifications . Please feel free to email us in you require further details.